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Community Center

Frenchville Community Center

The Community Center is a public location where members of the Frenchville community gather for group activities, social support, public information and other purposes. It is also open to specialized groups and organizations within the greater St. John Valley community. To obtain a rental application click here or please stop by the Frenchville Town Office.

BYOB Permit Application

Liability Insurance Agreement



Upstairs with kitchen (Fee $500/ Minimum deposit $125)  

Upstairs only ($450/ Minimum deposit $112.50)

Guarantee for availability of center for decorating the night before an event $50.00

Individual Renting (Seminars, Classes, Workshops) $35.00/ HR


Downstairs with kitchen ($150/ Minimum deposit $37.50)

Downstairs only ($100/ Minimum deposit $25)

Individual Renting (Seminars, Classes, Workshops) $35.00 per hour

Monthly or Weekly meetings on a regular basis $200.00 Annually